Pat A Cake – Another Wonderful Kid’s Rhyme

Birthdays are wonderful and memories events for children and they would like to celebrate it with lot of fun, fervor and enjoyment. However, no birthday can begin or end without certain things. It would need friends, it would need the home to be decorated, it would need lot of music and songs and also it would call for giving some gifts to the children. Last but not the least, birthdays and cakes are inseparable.

Customized birthday cakes are the order of the day. It therefore is not surprising to come across some of the best nursery rhyme songs as far as birthday cakes are concerned. There are quite a few of them and each one is unique and different in its own way and has its own significance and meaning. Over the next few lines we will be looking at Pat a cake rhyme which is extremely popular. We will try and find out the central theme behind the rhyme.

It Teaches How To Make A Cake

There are dozens of varieties of cakes and it is quite obvious that children will not be aware of the same. Hence this rhyme teaches them a few things like baking a cake, writing names on it and so on. It also talks about the different types of cakes. On the one hand you have cakes made from chocolate and from other flavors like vanilla and strawberry. It also tries and educates the children about the need to bake the cake for a certain period of time in an oven. Then the cake has to be dressed with chocolate and other delicious things.

Finally when we look at this rhyme over the last few lines we come to know that it is for a small kid by the name Bill. This perhaps explains the reason why the child wanted the cake to be inscribed with the letter B over it.

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Wheels on the Bus Christmas Favorites

Nothing makes kids happy than the wheels on the bus songs. When these songs are sung by our children in the church or in school we get into holiday moods and we all get merry. Most of these songs will be sung in major shopping malls and stores.

Find out the history of children Christmas songs

Thousands of years back were the Christmas song celebrated. These songs began during the winter solstice and they were sung in churches and homes. The roman bishop during AD 129, introduce these songs in catholic churches. Soon afterward, they were referred to as Christmas carols that were sung to praise God. We also have carol songs that may be sung by our children in Sunday schools. The first carols songs were written in Latin and were later translated into different languages. Since then people have never stopped singing these songs altogether.

We also need to make our children learn these songs so that they may also enjoy singing along to them. We need as much as possible to pass our history to or kids via songs as this are the simplest way to instill the knowledge that we truly cherish.